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back pain model
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Epulse Neck & Shoulder Massager Reviewed by: Sunny

I am highly recommand you guys to try this thing out! I totally set me free!!! It not like neck&shoulder massager, Epulse Neck&shoulder massager way much stonger than others!

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Inversion Tables

Inversion therapy has long been a popular option for health enthusiasts. The many benefits include back pain relief, improved joint health, increased flexibility, and building toned muscle. In fact using inversion therapy at just 25° for a few minutes can assist in relaxing the muscles.

The curves of the back are incredibly important to giving our backs strength, resilience, and vitality.  During weight bearing activities such as bending, exercising, and sitting we lose some of the fluid in our discs near the soft tissue.  This can actually cause our spine to shrink 1/2" to 2" over long periods of time.  Inversion therapy can relieve this by reversing the effects of gravity through spinal decompression and allowing fluid to be diffused into the discs.

Inversion Tables