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Healthy Back Leather Evo Bag

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Forget all the aches and pains from carrying heavy bags over your shoulders! Introducing the our most popular bag, the Healthy Back Leather Evo Bag from Ameribag. It is designed with your comfort in mind. Its ergonomic shape contours the curves of your body, making it the most comfortable bag you will ever carry. It sits so conveniently on your back that you will not have to take out your basic everyday needs, such as your wallet, phone, comb, keys, sunglasses and water bottle to reduce the weight of your bag on your shoulder.

By hanging asymmetrically, weight is distributed along the entire length of your back instead of on one pressure point on your shoulder, reducing apparent stress of the neck, back, and shoulders. Its trademarked shape and patented design have improved the comfort of millions of people worldwide while giving them a stylish alternative to large, bulky shoulder bags.

Durable, desirable, lustrous leather...is made from top grade, full-grain leather, drum-dyed to ensure a color that will not fade. The bags develop a rich patina over time, getting better with every passing year. Beautifully crafted, sophisticated and hardwearing - perfect for everyday or special occasions!

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