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Bed Lounge

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Forget fluffing up uncooperative pillows so you can read in bed - now you can have the Bed Lounge, the ultimate read-in-bed tool. 
It offers adjustable low back support, adjustable neck support and side support arms. A special feature is the side pockets to store your favorite books and magazines.
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Healthy Back Wedge System - Leg

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One of life’s finer moments is settling back into a richly comfortable reading pillow. The kind of pleasurable seating that seems to almost know your body’s form – its ins and outs, curves, and contours. It holds you like a soft, perfectly fitting glove.

Most of us try to achieve this kind of comfort in bed with pillows and cushions. Unfortunately, pillows are simply not made for lounging, sitting, reading in bed, watching TV, during pregnancy, or nursing. They are for laying on and specifically designed to help you sleep better. Ordinary pillows cannot offer you pressure-free sitting support and backrest. Pillows and cushions compress and lose support the more you sit in them. That’s the reason you have to keep plumping them up. They start out feeling all right, but they “give out” slowly until you have no real back or neck support.

The BedLounge is doctor-designed for lounging and reclining reading pillow-- for extended periods. What’s remarkable beyond the BedLounge’s comfort is its ability to move, flex, and adapt itself to you! It supports and cradles your body, in whatever position you choose- upright, lounging, or reclining for ultimate pain, anxiety and stress relief.
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