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Alpha 80 Executive Chair

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Healthy Back 3 Inch Footrest


This product has been discontinued.

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Great Coworkers are Important, But a Great Chair is Invaluable

Sure, your colleagues can lend you baseball tickets on a occasion and spark up some good water cooler conversation, but can they eliminate pressure points and invigorate your mind and body? The elegant Alpha 80 Executive Chair by Duorest can, by beautifully integrating more than 100 high-precision, expertly engineered components, designed to seamlessly synchronize ergonomics and comfort. Because nobody has the same body, the uniquely designed Alpha 80 makes it easy to personalize just about every height, width, angle and position to effectively support your unique physique. 

From Monday to Friday, the Alpha 80 makes every day at work a whole lot more comfortable and healthier. We can bet your coworkers will be jealous and want one of their own. Personalize the chair to fit your body and discover a new level of comfort, rejuvenation and wellness. To learn more about the Alpha 80's specifics, check out the 'Features' tab above.

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