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Mastercare MINI Inversion Table

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A Little Inversion Goes A Long Way

The Mastercare Mini Inversion Table may be the smallest fully functioning inversion table on the market, but it packs all the therapeutic benefits and functionality of its larger counterparts in a convenient travel-ready frame. The experts at Mastercare designed this table without any wasted parts for the user who wants portable inversion therapy that is easy to use and saves space. Amazingly, this mini inversion table, equipped with Mastercare's specialized moving backrest for optimal traction, fits users between 4'8" - 6'6" in height!

The 15 degree inversion angle of the Mastercare Mini has scientifically been found to naturally decompress your spine and allow vital nutrients and blood to circulate throughout your body, preventing and effectively treating back, neck, shoulder and knee problems. The Moving back-rest, which responds to your body movements while you complete simple therapeutic exercises, makes it possible to increase the effect of natural decompression and improve blood-circulation.

Studies prove that just a few minutes a day on the Mastercare Mini is of great aid in any back related problem, including back pain, stress on joints and the spine, and pelvis alignment issues.  No matter what you use the Mastercare Mini Inversion Table for, your body, mind, and spine will surely thank you!
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