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I love my Swopper!

Swopper Reviewed by: ZanyZ

I purchased years ago my Swopper from your Duke Street store in Alexandria, VA and have not needed any chiropractic care ever since! It has been the best investment I ever made and it is worth every penny! I'm so overflexible that a simple sneeze can easily throw my spinal column out of alignment

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Very Task Chair

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Smart. Versatile. Responsible.

A notable member of the award-winning Very seating family, the Very Task chair is all about science-led comfort. Designed by the Haworth Design Studio, the Very Task chair's top characteristics include its universal appeal, wide range of application, sustainability, remarkable scope of color, and innovative options.
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The Very Task chair is a key member of the award-winning Very seating family by Haworth. Designed by Michael Welsh and Nicolai Czumaj-Bront of the Haworth Design Studio, the Very Task chair is all about science-led comfort and helping the user feel better at work than ever before. Offered with a patented lumber support with asymmetrical control, the fully-loaded Very Task chair gives users an ideal ergonomic solution that enhances comfort and well-being. The task chair's many adjustments allow the seat and back to fit your most comfortable position.

In addition to comfort, the Very Task chair is an aesthetically sound choice for your home or office. It's universal appeal, wide range of application, and fantastic scope of color choices allow the Very Task chair to be a perfect fit in almost any atmosphere.

Very Smart

The stylish Very Task chair provides science-based ergonomics, personalized comfort and design, and durability at a price that's smart, too.

Key features include an asymmetrical lumbar support, mesh back that offers maximum comfort, seat depth, height, and tilt-tension adjustment, as well as back-stop and forward-tilt options.

Very Versatile

From options that provide simple comfort to high ergonomic performance, there’s a Very Task for everyone. Whether you prefer neutral colors and a supportive mesh in a workstation or a vibrantly tinted, upholstered chair for the corner office — Very Task brings choices to life.

Very Responsible

The Very family is known for its dedication to the environment, much like those who use them. The Very Task chair is made with up to 65% recycled content and is up to 98% recyclable. It can be easily disassembled using common tools for recycling quickly or even returned to Haworth through the take-back program once its lifetime is finally over.

Very is GREENGUARD® Children & SchoolsSM certified and BIFMA level™ 2 certified. Very seating is sure to support your sustainability strategies and may contribute toward LEED® credits.
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