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I now sleep the whole night through!

Technogel Deluxe Pillow Reviewed by: Lisa

I've never thought much about my pillow until I tried the Technogel, and now I actually tell people how much I love my pillow

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Healthy Back Neck Pillow

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Experience the ultimate neck pillow. Only premium density eight-pound memory foam is used in our pillows. This allows for proper support and flexibility when conforming to your body. Unlike mass market lightweight memory foam, these pillows are built to last and provide consistent support.
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Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain with the Healthy Back Neck Pillow!

Always popular and on high demand, the Healthy Back Neck Pillow is excellent for back sleepers who need the extra support feather pillows can’t provide. It is also ideal for side sleepers because of its innovative ergonomic design—the natural curve created by your head, neck, and shoulders is properly supported to promote correct spinal alignment. And unlike lightweight mass-market memory foam, our neck pillow is made of 5 pounds of premium-density memory foam that is constructed to last and provide consistent support.

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