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Mastercare Inversion Table Reviewed by: J. Hensson

I purchased this inversion table in the Hillcrest San Diego store after months of trying them out and deciding which model to go for

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Healthy Back Hanging Lumbar Support

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Studies show lumbar supports decrease the pressure on the spinal discs and relieve lower back pain. Ergonomically designed to promote proper posture. They can be used for all day comfort at home, in the office or when traveling. Made of high quality polyurethane foam and covered with a washable, durable twill fabric. Adjustable hanging strap Available only in Navy.
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A Hanging Support for a Healthier Lumbar.

The Healthy Back Hanging Lumbar Support is designed to adjust into any position to ensure that you are sitting with proper posture. This will help your spine maintain its natural curvature and enable you to rid yourself of aches and pains caused by poor posture. By fitting the natural curve of your spine, the Hanging Lumbar Support will help decrease the pressure on your spinal discs and cushion exactly where you need support. The adjustable hanging strap (included) will allow the Hanging Lumbar Support to fit on any seat and stay in place, providing maximum support for longer periods of time.
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