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YuMe Massage Chair

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Unsurpassed therapeutic relief!

Experience a shiatsu massage that maximizes relief, removes tension and stiffness, and offers you an escape from the stress of everyday life. Yu•Me Massage Chair delivers unsurpassed therapeutic benefits, ultimate stress relief, and holistic relaxation of your mind and body.


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The NEW YuMe Massage Chair from Family Inada.

The YuMe Massage Chair is the newest addition in the family of Inada massage chairs, known best for their personalization in massage operations. The YuMe offers all the same great features of other Inada massage chairs, such as the optical sensor system which scans the user's entire body for a more personalized approach, the full body stretch feature which combines use of the massage rollers, recline, and leg extension to stretch out the entire body, and the Shiatsu massage designed to create the feel of a personal masseuse.

What makes YuMe different than its predecessors is its unique rocking feature. A naturally enjoyable motion, the rocking feature on YuMe combines with all the other great features to regulate the regular and irregular rhythms of your body while easing the muscles, creating physical well-being, and balancing the body and mind for complete relaxation. All these great features make YuMe the perfect chair for relieving sore pressure points or even just relaxing after a tough day on the job.
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