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INADA Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

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The Sogno Chair Dreamwave is a full-body massage chair with heat that uses infra-red scanning to identify shiatsu acupressure points on your body and then provides a massage which feels like you are being pummeled and manipulated by a real masseuse.
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Get ready for the massage chair of your dreams! Introducing the Sogno Dreamwave, jammed with so many awesome features that give it the capability of reaching the majority of your body while following precise techniques that takes professionals years to master.

The Sogno, which means "dream" in Italian,  is built with Dream Wave technology! It begins by identifying Shiatsu points, which differ between people,through the the Inada optical sensors. When you choose your program, INADA SOGNO will begin with a scan of your back that will compare your profile to 106 stored profiles. The massage chair will then match your profile to the nearest stored profile and provide you with a totally customized massage.

After the Sogno sensors match your body to its database and locates your Shiatsu Points your massage will begin. During this massage the chair will utilize the rollers to do a figure eight massage pattern. This system perfectly mimics the way a massage therapist balances the body during a shiatsu massage session.

Inada Sogno offers eight pre-programmed massage sequences including the revolutionary "Morning" and "Nighttime" programs. In addition to pre-programmed massage sessions, its manual programs allow you to assemble hundreds of possible massage combinations and make precise, personalized adjustments of the massage. There is also a more gentle massage session designed specifically to allow adolescents (ages 14+) to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of an Inada massage.
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