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This thing saved my LIFE!!

BetterBack Seat Support Reviewed by: allthat

I bought this product many years ago and I could NOT sit in my car and drive OR ride! Once I got this support it saved my LIFE!! Now my mom is asking me to send it to her in NY but I WON'T part with it "just in case" so I looked it up for her so she can buy one and that's how I came across the box to write the review

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Tush Cush

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Reduces Tailbone Pressure

Scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain, numb buttocks and other discomforts associated with sitting by: suspending the tailbone (coccyx) in the air which reduces the pressure on and within the lower spinal discs; tipping the pelvis forward to help restore the spine's natural lumbar curve. The cut-out section of the cushion allows comfort and relief of pain to other areas sensitive to sitting.
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Cushion Your Tush and Support Your Spine

The Tush Cush orthopedic seat cushion is scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain, numb buttocks, and other discomforts associated with sitting. The unique cutout section of the cushion suspends the tailbone and decreases the pressure on the lower spinal discs, providing excellent seating comfort. The wedge shape of the cushion helps tilt your pelvis forward to restore your spine's natural lumbar curve. 

The Tush Cush is the original design of the wedge-shaped cushion with cutout. Our cushion is made of the highest-quality foam to maintain the integrity of the wedge and give you the best support possible every time, anywhere.

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