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This thing saved my LIFE!!

BetterBack Seat Support Reviewed by: allthat

I bought this product many years ago and I could NOT sit in my car and drive OR ride! Once I got this support it saved my LIFE!! Now my mom is asking me to send it to her in NY but I WON'T part with it "just in case" so I looked it up for her so she can buy one and that's how I came across the box to write the review

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McKenzie Cervical Roll

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Healthy Back Knee Lift


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The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll, unlike most pillows, provides necessary support to the cervical structures and maintains a natural curve of the cervical spine while one sleeps on the side or back. If you suffer from frequent episodes of neck pain, pain in the shoulders, nighttime neck problems, morning pain, or stiffness in the neck, your sleeping position may be at fault.
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