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USB Massager

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This product has been discontinued.

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No need to go to a massage parlor or wait until you go home for a relaxing massage! Introducing the USB Massager from Sirius ComfortBody, LLC. Made specifically for those who work on their computers daily, this massager can help take the stress out of stoically working at your computer all day long. Just simply plug it into any USB Port on a computer, turn the vibration on, and feel the stress in the muscles in your shoulders, arms, and hands relax. With 5 unique pressure point rollers, the USB Massager allows for a deeper penetrating, stress relieving massage. The desktop stress reliever has a two-speed control for your best vibrating comfort level as well as a central OFF position. Ease your daily stress and tension away by using the USB Massager anytime you’re working at a computer. Take a few moments to massage the tension away and feel better than ever before with the USB Massager.