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Technogel Anatomic Pillow

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For back and side sleepers

The Technogel Anatomic Pillow is made with Technogel’s innovative material.  It promotes muscle relaxation while providing a cooling sensation that can alleviate headaches and keep you cool throughout the night.  Excellent comfort and support are guaranteed.  The Technogel Pillow is made in Italy with particular care and attention to detail, using technical and innovative materials to create a higher level of comfort.

What is Technogel?  Technogel is a unique ‘soft solid’ gel material that combines the fluid movement of liquids and the shape retention of solids.  It was originally developed for and used in the medical field.  It is non-toxic and made without oils or plasticizers.

There are 4 others gels on the market, but Technogel is distinctive. Here are 4 simple ways in which Technogel surpasses all other gel products:


1.       Other gels are made by combining blue powder with a visco-elastic foam. Technogel does not use foam, resulting in the Technogel soft-solid 3-dimensional displacement. When you lay on Technogel, the material moves in every direction like a liquid in order to provide full-cushioning support.

2.       Technogel adapts to the amount of weight placed on it, so it squishes just the appropriate amount to offer support. Other gels either collapse completely under weight or do not collapse at all. They cannot provide the modular adaptation quality of Technogel.

3.       Other gels are too thin to provide soft, adapting support. Because it is a solid, gel needs to be in thick layers in order to function correctly. The Technogel materials in this pillow have been designed and ergonomically tested to ensure “real deformability.”

4.       Flat gels mixed with foam provide an uneven surface for the body. The “tower” shape of the Technogel surface has been carefully selected after extensive research in order to provide the greatest degree of freedom for lateral displacement while constantly maintaining an even surface.