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Teeter Dex II™ Inversion System

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A New World of Inversion

The DEX II Inversion Table by Teeter Hang Ups supports your body at the hips instead of the ankles, opening up a whole world of possibilities in fitness and inversion. Ideal for active people looking for therapeutic benefits and a work out in one and those with sensitive ankles or knees, the easy-to-use design of the DEX II invites the user to simply step into the leg supports, lean forward, and invert with user-controlled rotation.

The forward-rotating, user-controlled capabilities of this inversion machine allow for nearly an infinite amount of positions and exercises, all which originate at the 90/90 position (pictured right). For example, the DEX II is ideal for back extension exercises, dips, sit-ups, push-ups, and a number of unique, beneficial stretches supported by the ergonomic frame. The DEX II's 90/90 position helps to flatten your lumbar curve for greater separation of lower vertebrae, relieving pain and promoting circulation. Meanwhile, specialized traction handles allow you to push or pull to gauge your own level of stretching and increased decompression. Because traction is applied to the hip joints and spine, no pressure is applied to your injury-prone ankle and knee joints.

The DEX II is truly challenging what an inversion table can be. If you enjoy the wellness benefits of inversion therapy but also want to advance your level of fitness, look no further than this Teeter Hang Ups inversion solution!
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