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Healthy Back Bed Wedge Reviewed by: BosoxNHfan

This is a great product! I have sleep apnea and the wedge provides elevation and support that in conjunction with CPAP gives me a restfull sleep

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TEMPUR-Ergo™ Basic Adjustable Base

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Tempur-Ergo™ Basic raises and lowers your head and feet, offering up virtually unlimited positions to increase comfort-all controlled by an easy-to-operate wired remote.  A 65-degree upright angle makes it easy to read, watch TV, or use a laptop, while a single button returns the bed to a flat position. 
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This product has been discontinued.

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Find Your 'Perfect Position' with the TEMPUR® Ergo System Adjustable Base!

The TEMPUR® Ergo System puts you in control of your sleep environment. This adjustable base allows an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions for your Tempur-Pedic mattress. The wired remote lets you control movement from the comfort of your bed, as it electronically adjusts to your every whim. Create a truly rejuvenating sleep experience.

Features Include:

Infinite Adjustable Positions
- Infinite head and foot positions increase comfort, improve relaxation, help breathing, and relieve stress on your lower back
- 65° upright angle makes it easy to read, watch TV, or use a laptop
- Single button to return mattress to the flat position

Wired Remote Control
- Simple, easy to understand buttons
- Backlit buttons light up when a button is pressed for better visibility in low light environments

State-of-the-Art Electronics
- Quiet operation with strong pulling/pushing power and a long service life mean greater reliability
- Metal motor housings for durability
- Bed can be lowered during power outage or remote failure

Heavy Duty Construction
- Longer rails eliminate "foot droop"
- Sturdy base support with 4 legs
- Powder coating provides best rust protection
- Variable height adjustments easily match luxury bed frames (with optional leg extensions)
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