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Bella Wellness Mat

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Step onto WellnessMats®,
the premier anti-fatigue floor mats, and step into comfort.

The name says it all…WellnessMats; floor mats for your health and wellness. The revolutionary anti-fatigue mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide you (and your feet) unsurpassed comfort, safety, relief and well-being. It is that simple. Step onto WellnessMats and experience the cushioned, lasting comfort and support we provide – your feet, knees, hips and back will thank you. WellnessMats are the perfect kitchen mat (at the stove, sink or oven), vanity mat (no more achy feet!), garage mat, and even laundry mat (iron in comfort!). Place it anywhere you find yourself on your feet! Cook, clean & create in comfort.

Proudly made in the USA (100%), the WellnessMats have been providing comfort & support to the TSA and Department of Homeland Security (and chefs around the country) for years. Yes, you stand on this same mat while going through airport security. Now bring that comfort & relief to your home.

WellnessMats: Your well-being is our first step.

With its simple, elegant lines and sleek design, this floor mat has quickly become the mat-of-choice among professional and home chef’s alike! The WellnessMat is incredibly supportive and resilient, with a soft hand that feels like heaven on your feet, back and knees. Easy to clean, it resists dirt & stains and is inherently anti-microbial. In addition, its edges will never curl or delaminate. It provides permanent performance. The perfect kitchen mat or even vanity mat, the Original WellnessMat provides unprecedented comfort, relief and well-being while you stand. 100% made in the USA, it is available in five rich colors and in four convenient sizes to accommodate any setting.
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