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I now sleep the whole night through!

Technogel Deluxe Pillow Reviewed by: Lisa

I've never thought much about my pillow until I tried the Technogel, and now I actually tell people how much I love my pillow

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Swopper (which means always moving chair) is designed to help strengthen your back and abs, help relieve lower back pain, promote mental acuity, and assist with good posture.

We spend almost two-thirds of our waking hours sitting down, working, driving, eating, and relaxing. But the human body was not built for such a static, sedentary lifestyle, especially in fixed, motionless positions. That is why lower back pain and other musculoskeletal problems are at epidemic proportions. Eighty percent of people will seek medical help for back pain sometime in their lives.

Most chair companies design chairs for static support. They build in armrests, footrests headrests, neck rests, features that keep the body supported and motionless. They think that if they can move you less, then the better. Unfortunately, this path leads to more back problems, not less.
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