Aeron® Chair by Herman Miller

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The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is, simply put, the best ergonomic chair you can buy. No other office chair works harder to relieve your back and neck pain than the Aeron chair. The high tech mesh fabric means that this chair doesn't look (or work) like other conventional office chairs. But what makes it different makes it better! The patented material on the Aeron distributes pressure evenly over a wider area. The result? You'll stay cool and comfortable no matter what the season. 
The Herman Miller Aeron spontaneously supports your posture, even when you shift and change positions -- it anticipates your needs and responds - don't you wish all your colleagues did that? Most chairs are designed to fit an average-sized person. But who is average? A 4 foot, 10 inch woman or a 6 foot, 5 inch man? Herman Miller says both -- and everyone in-between!
 The Aeron Chair is available in three distinct sizes, small (A), medium (B) and large (C). Our chart will help you decide which chair will best fit you. Since we are a Herman Miller For The Home authorized retailer, all the Aerons we sell are backed by a 12-Year Herman Miller Warranty.


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Available in 7 Colors!

*Hardwood Floor Casters - $34.95
*Leather Arms - $99.00 (Black Only)
*Posture Fit Kit - (Requires Assembly) $50.00
Standard Lumbar Support Not Included When Ordering the Posture Fit Kit