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Airtouch Height Adjustable Table

When was the last time you felt that your workspace was dynamic, aesthetically attractive, or even fun? For too many of us, the answer may be never. That's why the designers and engineers at Steelcase created the Airtouch Height-Adjustment Table.

Airtouch Height Adjustable Table

The Airtouch Height-Adjustment Table is a sleek, easy-to-use, and adaptable office tool guaranteed to facilitate your work, create more space, and provide a modern decor to any workspace. Whether sitting or standing, it is easy to raise or lower the table - which can hold up to 150lbs of weight - to an ergonomic and convenient position which works for you.

Countless studies show people are happier, healthier and more productive when they are able to change positions within their workspace.  The innovative Airtouch mechanism gives workers the ability to quickly, effortlessly and quietly adjust their worksurface height with a light touch. The key is the exclusive Airtouch technology, which requires no electricity yet can be quickly set at an infinite number of heights. Thus, the Airtouch can be used seated one minute, then raised to create a standing meeting place, then lowered again for a drawing board, all without the wait or frustration.

Adding a few workstation tools to the Airtouch can transform it into the ideal office desk also, so you can be assured that this dynamic table will find a purposeful use for your everyday activities. Instead of relying on bulky drawers and stagnant tables, evolve to a new level of efficiency, adaptability, and design for your office with the Airtouch Adjustable Table by Steelcase.

More Information
  • Designed for a wide range of applications from lighter items - laptops - to heavier objects - dual flat screen monitors.
  • Adjustment gauge allows the amount of lift assist to be set for any load up to 150 pounds including the worksurface.
  • Height range is 26” to 43” with infinite increments.
  • Switches from sitting to standing in approximately 1 second
  • Completely freestanding table is not tethered to any specific area within the workstation.
  • Ergonomic lift handle used to make adjustments. 
  • 4 beautiful laminate finishes with stunning platinum frame
  • Leveling glides ensure the desk is always sturdy and flat

Airtouch product dimensions


12 years

Modular power, Post and Beam textile in-fills, mechanisms, casters andglides, lighting fi xtures, Coalesse steel legs, steel bases, and door hinges

5 years

Architectural doors, offi ce systems doors, height adjustable mechanisms and electronics, urethane edge treatments, Steelcase Health overbed tables, articulating and adjustable arms, lighting power supplies, ballasts
and LED lighting components, Coalesse Flip Top™ mechanisms, Coalesse occasional table frames

3 years

Personal caddy pad, Campfi re™ footrest, Kybun®, Walkstation treadmill parts and wear items (1 year service and labor), Coalesse electrical desktop, table top and rail mounted that houses power and/or data, and/
or USB, Coalesse Free Stand mechanism and tablet, Coalesse SW_1® table tablet including slide mechanism, exposed wood legs

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