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BetterBack Seat Support

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This portable wood frame seat corrects posture and eases back pain This natural molded wood frame seat corrects posture, lessens backaches, strain and excess fatigue. Healthy Back's BetterBack is specifically structured to follow the natural shape of the human body. The seat folds down and the easy-to-grip fabric carrying handle at the back of the seat makes transporting this a breeze to the office, to the car, on vacation or to a friends. The upholstered contoured wood frame ensures you sit up straight so you experience less back pain. The shaped and supported under-seating prevents slouching. The soft, rich, quick-clean cover is hand stitched over superior graded polyfoam padding.

BetterBack Seat Support
BetterBack Seat Support Front View BetterBack Seat Support Car Comfort BetterBack Seat Support Inside Foam
BetterBack Seat Support Front View

The Healthy Back BetterBack Seat Support is a portable back and seat support solution. It supports a comfortable, anatomically correct sitting position essential for both good health and personal well being. This removes the unnecessary backaches, strains, and excessive fatigue associated with sitting improperly in the same position for extended periods of time.

The molded wooden back and seat ensure optimal support while relieving back aches and pains and provide excellent pelvic support, together encouraging a correct, healthy sitting position.

The Healthy Back BetterBack Seat Support was developed in cooperation with doctors and other medical professionals making it one of the world's most recommended supports by chiropractors, physiotherapists, and thousands of users.

More Information
  • Molded wooden back and seat for optimal back and pelvic support
  • High quality foam for added comfort
  • Encourages a naturally correct sitting position
  • Reduces strain on the spine, lower back, and pelvis
  • Includes a removable, height adjustable LumbiPad® for additional lumbar support
  • Included adjustable strap for easy attachment to any chair

Width 19"
Length 18"
Depth 2"
Weight 5.30 lbs
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