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Simple Exercise in Children Yields Long-Term Skeletal Benefit - 7/15/2011 recognizes the important benefits of a healthy lifestyle and strongly believe it’s never to early to begin cultivating those healthy habits. Youth is a critical time in the development for many physical and mental processes, yet new research is placing extra importance on skeletal development and its benefits derived from activity during these years. Recent studies by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) have shown that jumping exercises during just one school year in early childhood can trigger sustainable increases in bone mineral density (BMD). The studies demonstrate the value of even simple high impact activities and support the notion that bone mass attained in youth can be an important determinant of lifelong skeletal health.


NIAMS researcher Christine Snow, Ph.D., and her colleagues at Oregon State University tested the effects of a school-based exercise intervention on the BMD of pre-pubertal children.


Children enrolled in the Building Growing Skeleton in Youth (BUGSY) program were assigned to one of two groups for a single school year. Children in the intervention group performed a series of 100 consecutive jumps off of a two-foot high box three days a week. Children in the control group participated in a standard physical education program without the jumping regimen.


Snow and her colleagues followed one set of 57 study participants for eight years after a single school year of jumping exercises. They found that children in the jumping group had sustained significant gains in BMD at the eight-year mark, although the differences between groups were not as great as immediately after the intervention.


It is well known that physical activities that stress the skeleton are the most beneficial for bone density, but Snow’s longitudinal research may have identified strategies in youth that could reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures later in life. But your children don’t have to jump 100 times a day to increase their BMD. Instead, your preteens can participate in a number of other physical activities like sports or exercise. carries a range of exercise products geared to provide unique and effective workouts for all ages, including preteens. The Stamina Trampoline and The Body Sport Exercise Ball
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Says Snow, "In the growing skeleton, we believe that there is both an optimal time and an optimal exercise program to promote skeletal strength." Thus, an exercise program began in pre-puberty children and continued throughout the school years may optimize and solidify gains in skeletal structure and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Have your preteen try one of’s numerous high impact workout products today and see the difference it makes for life.


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