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Osteoporosis and The Best Exercise - 7/14/2011

Bone is a living tissue that reacts to exercise in a way very similar to muscle. Just as a muscle gets stronger and bigger with use, a bone becomes stronger and denser when it is called upon to bear weight. For individuals with osteoporosis, it is important to build and maintain bone density to enhance your balance, flexibility, and strength through exercise and proper stretching. By doing so, you can reduce your chance of falling and fracturing bones.


There are two types of exercise that are especially important for building and maintaining bone density: weight bearing and resistance. Weight-bearing exercises are those in which your bones and muscles work against gravity. Simple examples include walking, climbing stairs, dancing, and playing tennis. The Healthy Back Store offers a number of exercise tools that are designed to help individuals build and maintain bone density and can further improve workout results. Examples include the iJOY Exercise Board by Human Touch. The iJoy Board balance trainer workout involves your hips, legs, abdominal and lumbar muscles and obliques. Or try the Body Sport Exercise Ball. The secret to the Body Sport is its spherical structure, which promotes balance and coordination by constantly engaging your core to enhance any exercise into an aerobic workout.


Equally important to reducing your risk of falling is activities that enhance your body's balance, flexibility, and strength. Balance refers to the ability to maintain your body's stability while in motion or standing still. Flexibility is the range of motion of a muscle or group of muscles. A great way to improve both your body's' balance and flexibility is through the use of the Healthy Back Inversion Table which allows you to keep your body aligned with the downwards gravitational force, reconfiguring into its natural s-curve shape, as you more effectively engage in stretching exercises.


While stretching can best be done using inversion therapy or other equipment specific to stretching, the Healthy Back Store also suggests incorporating ergonomic furniture or accessories into the office to help alleviate many of the pains associated with sitting all day. At the Healthy Back Store youll find office chairs with built in lumbar supports to maintain proper spinal alignment and task chairs with recline action, contoured cushions, and responsive backrests; features that promote movement and flexibility.


In addition, it is vital to try and stay away from aspects of your lifestyle that are harmful to your body's bone and muscle health. Do not slouch when standing, walking, or sitting for this can ruin your posture and bone alignment and do not move too quickly or engage in sports or activities that require twisting the spine or bending forward from the waist, such as conventional sit-ups, toe touches, or swinging a golf club. Tobacco and excessive alcohol intake are also toxic to your bones, putting you at higher risk for low bone mass and osteoporosis. People who drink heavily tend to have more bone loss and fractures due to poor nutrition and an increased risk of falling.


If you have osteoporosis, it is important for you to get plenty of exercise. However, you will need to choose your activities carefully. Be sure to avoid activities with a high risk of falling, such as skiing or skating; those that have too much impact, such as jogging and jumping rope; and those that cause you to twist or bend, such as golf.


Unfortunately, many people become so afraid of breaking another bone that they become more sedentary, which leads to further loss of bone and muscle. Rest assured, that by using the proper tools and practicing proper posture, you can protect your bones while remaining physically active. Every activity promoted by Healthy Back products can be adapted to fit your age, ability, lifestyle, and strength allowing individuals with osteoporosis to feel and live better than ever before!


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