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Ergonomic Must-haves for the Office

Ergonomic Must-haves For The Office

Are you hunkered down in front of a computer for 8 hours a day or more? Do you find yourself making frequent excuses to go to the “bathroom” just so you can walk around, getting a good stretch to relieve your back or neck pain? Healthy Back lists the best ergonomic accessories every office needs. You’ll be amazed at the comfort these products provide!

Office Chairs You Actually Like

Setu Chair by Herman Miller When you sit on your fanny all day, a comfortable chair can make all the difference. The CXO Manager Chair by Nightingale is a great example of an office chair providing the ultimate in luxury. Not only is the seat cushion constructed of memory foam, providing a perfectly contoured experience when you are seated, but the firm back support offers excellent pressure relief on your lumbar spine, and the mesh backing allows for easy breathing. For those taller individuals, an additional headrest can be added, giving you extra neck relief.

For something simpler, yet just as satisfying, try the Setu Multipurpose Chair by Herman Miller. This chair will have you rolling in relaxation, and you’ll never want to leave! Not only is this chair the ultimate in style, it is geometrically designed to mimic your every movement without having to ever adjust. You’ll be perfectly cradled in this impressive chair and it will feel as if you are self-indulging every time you take a seat.

Pampering Footrests

When you have tired feet, it can be difficult to maintain a cheerful and hardworking attitude in the office. The Humanscale FM 300B Footrest solves all of your problems by caressing your feet in comfort. The footrest works the same way a rocking chair works—by encouraging a gentle rocking of the feet with its ball-bearing rollers. This is not only a gratifying experience, it also uses the lower leg muscles to improve circulation. Built-in massage balls also refresh your sore feet.

For a similar satisfying experience, try Healthy Back’s 3-inch Footrest. This angled footrest allows you to sit all the way back in your chair, taking much-needed pressure and strain off of your back. Another perk is the fact that the footrest helps tip your pelvis backward, which pushes your back firmly into the lumbar support of your chair, promoting healthy posture.

If you want the office experience to be a luxurious and comfortable one, try out some of these superior ergonomic products!