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What You Need To Know About Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are about more than just hanging upside down. They have been proven to benefit patients in a variety of ways, both immediately after use and over time.

The human body naturally loses fluid in the discs near the soft tissue of the back. This can cause back and body pain, as well as lead to shrinking in the spine over time, which can result in up to inches lost in a person's original height. Inversion therapy can gradually relieve this problem by using reverse gravity to lengthen the spine. It allows fluid to be diffused into the discs, reversing problems in the discs, ligaments, and nerve roots.

Top Reasons to use a Table

Relieving Back Pain With An Inversion TableInversion therapy helps relieve pressure for the back by stretching the vertebrae. There are a variety of benefits associated with this form of therapy, including the following:

  • Pain relief: The body will feel more pain-free both immediately after use and over time. Inversion therapy can help with back and neck pain, spinal disc pain, joint pain, and even reduces muscle spasms and sciatic discomfort.
  • Improved joint health: The ligaments are strengthened and joint health is improved after only a few minutes of daily use. It can also reduce disc herniations, spinal stenosis, degenerations, and other harmful spinal conditions.
  • Increased flexibility: The body will be completely stretched out after table use, which will result in more flexibility, better range of motion and better posture.
  • Increased muscle tone and definition: Using a table is an effective, low-impact form of exercise, which can help improve muscle tone
  • Increased relaxation: Laying upside down can be incredibly relaxing both during and after use. Inversion tables have been scientifically proven to relieve stress and promote a general feeling of wellness. Endorphins are released after use, which can also cause a feeling of happiness and can even reduce depression. It will also leave the person feeling more alert and energetic after use.
  • Reduced appearance of varicose veins: Once the circulation is improved through therapy, any varicose veins will be relieved. Varicose veins are caused by polling blood on the veins, but hanging upside down can pull the blood away from the veins and into the rest of the body. 
To benefit from an inversion table, it really only needs to be used for a few minutes a day. Once a person has become acclimated with the table, they can begin using it for intense stretches and certain exercises, like crunches.

Reasons to Avoid Using a Table

Tables are ideal for adults between 4'9" and 6'6".  Most patients with back pain find inversion therapy to be extremely beneficial, but if more soreness is experienced after table use, then this form of therapy may not be suitable. The tables work by strapping the patient into anti-gravity boots and attaching at the ankles. This can be helpful for some, but too aggressive on the ankles and knees for others.

Inversion therapy may be too aggressive on the circulatory and skeletal system for patients with heart of circulatory conditions, high blood pressure, or osteoporosis, or for who are pregnant. Speaking with a doctor, therapist, or back pain expert can provide more insight into whether inversion therapy is a suitable solution.

Many inversion table retailers and manufacturers will allow customers to try out a table for a certain amount of time risk-free to determine if they like it before purchasing. Begin slowly easing the body into the therapy. Beginning with a small degree of inversion (approximately 10-15 degrees) at about five minutes at a time is usually best, gradually leading up to a maximum of 25 minutes at a time.

How to Select the Right Inversion Table

There are a wide variety of inversion tables to choose from, so it is important to
consider all table specifications and benefits. Most inversion tables offer lockable
positions so that the patient can gradually become accustomed to the incline. When
first using a table, a second person may be needed for spotting and safety

If possible, try the table out at the store before purchasing to find the right one based on personal preferences, price range, and condition. This will also allow a person to test out the table for safety, comfort, fit, stability, and ease of use before purchasing. Make sure that the body and parts feel secure and the security straps can safely secure a person to the table.

Combining Inversion Therapy with Alternative Treatments

Inversion Therapy Combined With Other TreatmentsChiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, and other forms of alternative treatment methods have proven to be extremely effective for patients with back, neck, and body pain. Patients often combine these forms of treatment with traditional medicines and medical techniques to ensure fast, effective pain relief.

Chiropractic care involves spinal decompression, completed by a skilled chiropractor who can “pop” the back into a comfortable position. On the other hand, inversion therapy helps the back naturally find its own comfortable position and promotes self-healing. It uses the downward force of gravity to increase the space between the vertebrae and promote the natural s-curve shape of the body.

An inversion table can help take any of these traditional or alternative treatments to the next level. Patients can also benefit from using a table on its own, as it is ideal for treating everything from daily discomfort due to sitting in an office chair to ongoing chronic pain.