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New Year's Resolutions for Those with Bad Backs

It’s almost New Year's. With that comes resolutions. Instead of making a goal to never eat fast food again, or to actually finish a Chap Stick, what about a goal to take care of your back? If you have dealt with lower back pain in the past, here are a few excellent resolutions that can keep your spine healthy.

Choose Your Shoes with Care

Whether you’re hiking through the mountains in durable boots, waltzing in your stilettos at a masquerade ball, or simply kicking back at your desk at work in your favorite old sneakers, the shoes you wear can have an impact on your back. The best kinds of shoes provide a base of support that helps the spine and the body to stay in alignment. Next time you go shoe shopping, be sure to select ones that are comfortable and provide a snug fit at the heel, while leaving plenty of room for the toes. They should also provide a balanced and secure feel while walking.

Sleep on Your Side

Did you know that sleeping on your back adds about 55 lbs. of pressure to your spine? When you go to bed, try sleeping on your side. This takes much of the pressure off of your back. Also, try sleeping with a pillow between your knees—this also works to cut away unnecessary pressure. If you do enjoy sleeping on your back, try stacking a few pillows under your knees, to reduce the extra weight. Choosing a comfortable and supportive mattress and excellent pillows will also aid in caring for your back as you snooze.

Don't Forget to Exercise

When you head to the gym, don’t forget to exercise both your back and abs. Performing abdominal and back exercises works to strengthen your spine, keeping it healthy for years to come. Your spine works to support your entire body. When the muscles surrounding your spine are taken care of, they work to help support the spine, minimizing any chance of harm or injury.

Say Goodbye to Smoking

It might not be the construction site you work on or the stressful office job you have that’s causing you back pain like you suspected. If you are experiencing back pain, chances are it could be from the pack of cigarettes in your pocket. Cigarette smokers are more prone to experiencing lower back pain than nonsmokers. This is due to the fact that smoking causes a restriction in blood flow to the discs that work to cushion your vertebrae. Giving up smoking may not immediately solve your back pains, but it will certainly help.
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