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BELTSVILLE, MD, 5/31/11 - On April 15th, 2011 The Healthy Back Store selected a winner for its Healthy Back Sleep System giveaway – A queen size 10” exclusive memory foam bed with a fully adjustable base and two ergonomic pillows.

The lucky winner was Lynn McLaughlin of San Diego California. When The Healthy Back Store contacted Lynn, her response was skeptical at first. “What’s the catch?” she asked. There was no catch! The Healthy Back Store thanked her for entering the giveaway, and explained that they do regular giveaways as part of promotional campaigns to raise awareness and generate interest in the company’s mission to be the leading brand of high end comfort solutions and ergonomic products for back pain and other physical conditions.

“I only realized later, how this gift would speak so strongly to our mission of providing relief and comfort for those in need,” said Karl Feldman, Director of Marketing at The Healthy Back Store.

Lynn explained that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer in October of 2010, but was now thankfully in remission. Being close to The Healthy Back Store in Village Square, La Jolla California, she planned to try the bed out over the weekend and see if she wanted to upgrade or change the setup in any way.

After trying out the Healthy Back Sleep System and some pillows in the Village Square store Lynn recalls, “I couldn’t put my finger on why I wasn’t jumping up and down with excitement.“ Lynn had joined a support group with her church (The Rock of San Diego) during her battle with cancer, and she has remained involved and supportive – Attending weekly meetings and volunteering with the group. Lynn’s thoughts and prayers turned to a “gentleman who is a single Dad, still working full time and battling lung cancer.”

When Lynn called back The Healthy Back Store – she passed along this single father’s information and her wish that her Healthy Back Sleep System be delivered to him.

Karl Feldman, Director of Marketing for The Healthy Back Store remembers, “When I spoke with Lynn, I was touched by how excited she was to pass this unexpected gift along to someone who could really use the extra help. Since she had been through the battle herself, she understood what a help it would be to stay elevated and comfortable when recovering from chemotherapy. When we got a hold of Randall (the single Dad) to make sure he was all setup and comfortable with his new bed, I got a bit choked up, he was so appreciative of the bed and went on to explain how it helped, even with the little things”.

Randall Hester drives a truck for a living and is currently battling lung cancer. He belongs to the same support group as Lynn and was surprised as anyone to learn that he was getting a new adjustable bed. “The guys were great, they came in, set the bed up, showed me how to use everything… Chemo was tough so the timing was good,” Randall remembers. “One morning, I was having a hard time sitting up in bed, you know, real weak… and I thought, oh yeah, I can just push this button!” Now that he’s through the roughest part of the chemotherapy, Randall is up and about. “You know – it's funny, I used to have a lot of lower back pain since I drive all the time. Last week I noticed – hey – my back feels great. It's gotta be the bed!”

The Healthy Back Store runs promotions and contests throughout the year, but it's not every day they learn of the personal impact their product can have in someone’s life. The commitment to helping people find relief and comfort - It's what sets Healthy Back apart from other retailers.