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Element Vision Task Light

With cutting edge advancements like MCX LED technology, the Element Vision task light offers a generous foot-print of glare free illumination in a single light source - not commonly found in LED computer lamps. Element Vision provides the same effortless functionality found in all Humanscale task lights, moving fluidly without the need for knobs, switches or springs. 

Element Vision Task Light

About Element Vision

Where other LED computer lamps struggle to offer the warm light that prevents eye straining and offers ergonomic comfort, Element Vision is able to provide a high color rendering index (CRI) of 89 while also delivering 3000K illumination. With effortless adjustment and innovative heat management, Element Vision is one of the most advanced and intuitive LED task lights available. 

New Technology

Advanced MCX LED Technology provides a large footprint of ergonomic light from a single light source, producing an even plane of illumination creating a glare-free, single shadow work environment.

Intelligent Efficiency

Element Vision's custom dimming capability allows for seven settings of light intensity. A motion sensor not only provides additional energy savings but remembers user settings, allowing the work environment to retain its levels of illumination. 

Effortless Adjustment

An internal counterbalance provides effortless, one-touch positioning while also allowing for quick storage when not in use. Element Vision has an impressive reach of up to 28".

More Information
Features • MCX LED Technology • Smart dimmer with occupancy sensor • One Touch adjustability • Desktop Base • Working height: 18", Maximum reach: 28" • 7-Watt bulb

Power Consumption 7 watts
Color Temperature 3000K
Color Rendering Index 89
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours
Maximum Reach 28"
Working Height 18"
Finish options Silver, White with Silver accents, Black
Warranty 10 year, 24/7
Warranty N/A
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