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Flute Light

Stylish, sustainable, powerful, healthy, compact, adjustable; is there anything the Flute Light by Herman Miller doesn’t do? Before you go off and purchase a cut-rate lamp or task light, consider the real cost of maintenance and your carbon footprint on the environment, and consider the real value of the Flute Light.

Flute Light

A philosophy to live by.

Flute Personal Light

Four Corners of Design

Designer Tom Newhouse lives by his "Four Corners" design philosophy: Every project takes aesthetics, ergonomics, sustainability, and economy into account. Flute embodies this approach.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

This sleek, attractive office lamp has a lot of flair, and the way it's been designed to move contributes to its efficiency. The medium-warm light that Flute provides causes less eye strain than other types of light. Its swiveling head lets you shed light right where you need it most.

Flute Personal Light
Flute Personal Light

Sustainability and economy

The energy costs of packing, shipping, and warehousing are all reduced by the lamp's light weight. It's made of one-third recycled materials and is 85 percent recyclable. It uses so little electricity that you'll spend just a little over a buck on it every year.

A member of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, Newhouse is devoted to environmental responsibility and green design. In the 1970s, long before it was popular, he designed and built an earth-bermed, passive solar house for his family. "I have been passionate on this issue for the past 25 years," Tom says, "and I will continue to be. That's one reason why I love to work with Herman Miller."

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Flute Personal Light

Bright Light, Big Value

With its up-to-date LED technology, Flute provides high-quality light output at an amazingly low cost—about $1.13 a year.

The Flute Personal Light has a life span of 24 years, during which you won't ever have to change a bulb. It provides 200 lumens of medium-warm light, which is kind to your eyes. And it's 85 percent recyclable and made in the USA.

 Easy on the Eyes; and Your Wallet
  • Easy on the Eyes—and Your Wallet

    While producing 200 lumens of medium-warm light consumes up to 50 percent less energy than traditional task lights. The cost of using it for a year—about $1.13—is 15 times less than the cost associated with traditional lamps. Flute's LED chips require no replacement or service over its estimated 24-year life span with average use.

  • Touch Control

    Here's Where It Really Shines

    To turn Flute on or off, just touch it. The freestanding model has a head that swivels 230 degrees from left to right to focus light where you need it. The clamp-on model rotates 360 degrees to provide the most flexibility in directing your light.

  • Cool Colors


    Available in three cool colors—metallic silver, graphite, and white. Flute is cool in another way: It stays cool to the touch, so if you want to pick it up and move it while it's on, you won't burn your fingers.


General Dimensions

  • H:14.75"
  • W:6"
  • D:19"
Flute Personal Light

Shipping Information

Packaging Type:
Packaging Dimensions:
19" x 9" x 4"
Package Weight:
3 lbs.
Assembly Required:


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