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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

The GRIPMASTER is our signature model. It's ideal for any athlete wanting to develop hand strength. Available in four different color-coded models of graduated resistance, GRIPMASTER offers both men and women an opportunity to dramatically increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Prohands exercisers are the No. 1 selling hand exercisers in the world because only Prohands strengthens each finger individually.

If you are a pro athlete seeking a competitive edge, a weekend athlete motivated to excel, or anyone wanting to maintain the health of their hands... there is a Prohands model and tension ideal for you.

Please explore this website to learn more about our patented hand exercisers & to choose the model ideal for you.

Our hands are the critical link between ourselves and the world around us. Your hands are the direct link between your brain and your game. Great hands are critical to athletic success, and all champions depend on superior strength, endurance and dexterity in their hands.

Prohands is superior to other hand-exercise systems, other exercisers can't approach the results attainable with a Prohands grip. Here's why:

The old “V” grip increases crude grasping power in a few muscles in the forearm, but there are major drawbacks. It overly stresses a few muscles while ignoring others and forfeiting fine muscle control in the hand all together. This rudimentary grip causes strain, imbalance and a loss of control.

While squeezing a rubber ball may be a great way to release nervous tension, it allows only a very limited range of motion and uncontrolled movements. Balls do not isolate individual fingers and specifically challenge and develop the five separate operating systems of the hand.


Each finger of the hand is powered by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons located in the hand, wrist and forearm. Most of the hands power is generated by larger muscles in the forearm while finer movements are controlled by smaller muscles in the hand itself. Our wrist is the bridge which stabilizes the interaction of the hand & forearm.

The ability to control the ball or control the bat, racquet, or club all starts with the hands. Your hand is really five separate systems which work in seamless unity. The only way to develop superior strength, endurance, and coordination in your hands is to challenge and develop each finger individually.

Proven Results

Once you exercise with Gripmaster you’ll notice an amazing difference almost immediately. The separate system which operates each finger will awaken and strengthen. Only Gripmaster can get this incredible result.
Exercising with your Gripmaster is the most efficient and effective way to maintain the health and conditioning of the hand. It’s the ideal way to maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the hand to prevent injury and make daily life more enjoyable.        

More Information


GOLF: Strengthen weaker fingers to overcome right/left side bias. Achieve stronger wrist snap for increased distance and consistency. 

TENNIS: Improved racket control & stronger wrist action for all strokes.

CLIMBERS: Develops & maintains hand, wrist & forearm strength and endurance.

BASEBALL: Hitters gain enhanced bat control, wrist snap & bat speed. Pitchers & position players develop a stronger grip & wrist snap for increased accuracy, velocity & ball movement.

BASKETBALL: Shoot, dribble & pass with a higher level of consistency & accuracy. 

WEIGHT LIFTING: Improved control under maximum pressure.


Place the middle of the fingers on the buttons with the fingertips wrapped over the top. Positioning the hook of the ergonomic palm bar over the web space between the thumb and index finger, flex the thumb and all fingers toward the center of the unit as if making a fist. Strengthens fingers, thumb, wrist and forearm for a firm grip.

Lace fingertips on individual buttons and position ergonomic palm bar with the hook over the web space between the thumb and index finger. Keeping fingertips slightly bent, flex all fingers toward the center of the unit.Strengthens longer muscles in forearm and wrist while stretching smaller muscles in hand for greater motion and endurance.

Place the hook of the ergonomic palm bar on the inside of the bent index finger. With the tip of the thumb slightly bent, flex the thumb on the first button.Strengthens thumb and index finger for greater stability and co-ordination. (For increased resistance, flex the thumb tip on two buttons at the same time.)

Loosely hold the unit vertically with the buttons toward the fingers and the hook of the ergonomic palm bar positioned over the web space between the thumb and index finger. With the middle of the index finger, press the second button as if squeezing a trigger. Isolates the index finger to enhance strength and coordination. (This can also be done using the above position and the tip of the index finger.)

Lace the tip of the thumb on the center of the ergonomic palm bar. Position the finger to be exercised on one of the center buttons. Keeping both tips slightly bent, flex the thumb and the finger being exercised toward the center of the unit at the same time. Strengthens specific fingers, thumb, smaller hand muscles and forearm for greater control and endurance. Can be done with one or more fingers.

Remove ergonomic palm bar. Stand unit upside down on a table. Rest the forearm of the wrist to be exercised in the other hand. Position the bar across the palm and press the bar in a downward motion while flexing only the wrist joint. Strengthens wrist and forearm muscles.
Color Level of Resistance Weight per Finger
Yellow Very light 3 lbs
Blue Light 5 lbs
Red Medium 7 lbs
Black Heavy 9 lbs
Warranty No
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