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Haworth Very Task Chair

In addition to comfort, the Very Task chair is an aesthetically sound choice for your home or office. It's universal appeal, wide range of application, and fantastic scope of color choices allow the Very Task chair to be a perfect fit in almost any atmosphere.
Haworth Very Task Chair

Groundbreaking Ergonomics, Beautiful Design, and Leading Environmental Stewardship




The Very Task balances craft with technology and clean geometry with contour and comfort. This task chair is equipped with our patented asymmetrical lumbar support, and the breatheable suspension mesh back is built to react in ways your body specifically needs for optimal comfort.

Very is as at-home in your residence as it is at HQ. Proven quality and durability make Very a mainstay feature in boardrooms, while the superior comfort and timeless design make it a favorite for the home office. Whether fully loaded with 4D arms and Lumbar, or configured with fixed arms and no lumbar to highlight it's minimal form.

Very is also made with the earth in mind. It is constructed in the USA with more than 60% recycled material, and it's 98% recyclable. When you’re ready to part with Very several years down the road, you will be able to disassemble Very within 20 minutes. Or, we’ll be happy to recycle it for you.

"We wanted to give the chair a controlled presence to create a balance between simplicity, function, and expression." Micheal Welsh - Haworth Store

Very Fantastic

Whether you prefer classic or colorful, bright or dark, polished or plastic, this chair is able to satisfy your very unique palette. With 10 fabrics, 5 leathers and 6 meshes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Not quite sure? Select one of our in-house designers' top picks or go ahead and make up your own creation with our "Customize Your Chair" option.

Maximum Innovation. Minimal Form.

Magic Mesh

Ok it's not magic but "tons and tons of engineering" isn't an alliteration. Your back isn't a flat board, and your chair shouldn't treat it that way. Our tuned mesh is woven and stretched using a propriety process that provides an adapting surface to fit the organic shape of your spine. Outfit Very with our asymmetrical lumbar to turn Very Task into an ergonomists dream. Our patented lumbar support is not only unique, but necessary- about 70% of users in the research done by the Human Performance Institute at Western Michigan University prefer having more support on one side of their spine.

"The chair's overall design is a composition of a dynamic visual, responding to the physical movement, offering an intuitive and inviting experience"

When Michael Welsh and Nicolai Czumaj-Bront began creating the design for Very, they set out to make a chair that worked with architecture, unlike many of its competitors. Very incorporates consistent architectural forms that make the chair look beautiful in every setting. At its profile, the Very Task is as sleek and sharp as they come. Its sophisticated body, dressed in any of our premium materials, creates a distinct look that is impossible to find anywhere else. More than just looks, good design is functional and lasting; Very is backed by our industry leading 12 year, 24/7, multiple shift warranty. We aren' the only ones who think that Very Task is gorgeous. It is the winner of the GOOD Design Award, IDEA Gold Award, Reddot Design Award, FX International Interior Design Award, and is Greenguard Gold and BIFMA Level 3 certified.

Designed for Performance

The Very Task chair features all of the best ergonomic functions, allowing users to experience maximum comfort for extended periods of time. This includes our patented asymmetrical lumbar support, 4-dimensional arms, optional headrest, 20-degree chair recline, 3-point tilt, backlock, adjustable tilt tension and adjustable seat depth. All of these functions ensure that the Very Task can be adjusted easily to fit you body perfectly.

More Information

Key Features

Four Dimensional Arms

Back Lock

Tilt Tension Adjustment

Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment

Seat-Depth Adjustment



Dimensions: 39"-44"H x 27" W x 26" D

Seat Height 16-21"

Height 39-44"

Depth 26"

Width 27"

Seat Width 19"

Arm-Height Adjustment Range 4"

Seat-Depth Adjustment 16-19"

Adjustable Lumbar Range 4"

Forward Tilt Range 5 degrees

Shipping Weight: 55.2 lbs

Standard Delivery Type: FedEx Ground

White Glove Delivery Available: Yes

Shipping Dimensions: 17.37 cubic feet

Assembly Required: No



This North American Haworth Product Non-Obsolescence and Warranty Policy (the ‘‘policy’’) applies to products manufactured after October 1, 2012. For products manufactured before this date please refer to the policy published in the NA Price List when purchased or contact your local Authorized Haworth Dealer*. All Haworth products are warranted for 24 hour / 7 day use over the length of the Applicable Warranty Period as set forth below.

Haworth, Inc. or Haworth, Ltd., (each called ‘‘Haworth’’) will make a good faith effort to maintain product compatibility within our various generations of integrated product platforms to provide our customers with spaces that adapt to change. Under our non-obsolescence policy, we commit to provide our customers with products of comparable function or operational characteristics for a term equal to the Applicable Warranty Period. Haworth fabrics and finishes must be updated periodically to maintain the market appeal of our products and respond to the demands and changing preferences of our customers. As a result, we or the

manufacturer may discontinue some fabrics and finishes before expiration of the Applicable Warranty Period.If a new product purchased or leased from Haworth or from an Authorized Haworth Dealer proves to be defective (as defined below) while the product is still in the possession of the initial purchaser or lessee and if they, within the Applicable Warranty Period, send notice of the defect to Haworth by electronic mail (, then, except as provided below, Haworth will, at Haworth’s option, either repair or replace the product, at Haworth’s expense, or refund the purchase price of the product. Except as provided below, a product shall be considered ‘‘defective’’ if Haworth finds that it is defective in material or workmanship and if the defect materially impairs the value of the product to the purchaser or lessee. The applicable warranty period begins on the day the product is manufactured. If a product that the purchaser or lessee references in a notice of defect was not installed by a Haworth Certified installer and/or reconfigured by a Haworth-trained installer, then the product may not be considered defective and Haworth will not be obligated to repair or replace it or to refund its price.



All Haworth products are warranted for lifetime except products, components and materials described below:


All Haworth NA manufactured seating is warranted for 24/7 multiple shift use by persons up to 325 lbs and includes the framework, mechanisms, seating foam, seat & back mesh and seating glides & casters. All wood or wood framed products.


All wall products, electrical components (excluding Power Base™ AI and workware™ products), electrical accessories, fixed task lighting, LED lighting, adjustable keyboard pads, monitor arms and products that are at any time used in a classroom or educational environment (other than administrative areas) except as limited or described below:


Fabric scrims and fabrics rated (A) Heavy Duty under the Association of Contract Textiles Guidelines, leather, user-adjustable worksurface mechanisms, gel arm caps, thermofused laminates, slow close mechanisms, electronic ballasts used in task lighting, horizontal glass or thermoplastic table assemblies and Systems Accessories.


workware™ products, plastic ultraviolet light color fastness and fabrics rated (a) under the Association of Contract Textiles Guidelines.


Products that are manufactured outside North America and sold into the North American market.


Soft palm rest, mouse pad insert, and translucent edging.

Each Haworth ‘‘specials’’ product will be warranted for the same applicable warranty period of the comparable catalogue product unless otherwise stated on the specials solutions department inquiry response. Service parts used for warranty carry the remaining balance of the assembly’s original warranty period.

*An Authorized Haworth Dealer is any dealer or retailer that sells and installs within their primary contracted area and/or under the DealerLink Program Agreement.

**The Applicable Warranty Period for each such product is specified in Haworth’s price list for the product.

A product will not be considered to be defective, and Haworth will not repair, or replace it or refund its price if the product (1) is a consumable product, such as a lamp; (2) is ‘‘Customer’s Own Material’’ (i.e. material specified by the purchaser or lessee that is not a standard Haworth product offering, such as Haworth Alliance fabrics); (3) is not installed and used as recommended in Haworth’s written specification, installation and user guides; (4) has been otherwise misused or suffered abusive damage or (5) is a product that is manufactured by a third-party supplier from whom Haworth purchases it for resale without incorporating it into Haworth product (in which case Haworth will assign to the purchaser or lessee any warranty that the manufacturer provides).

A defect in material or workmanship does not include damage to a product, or failure of a product to operate or perform properly or to maintain appearance, caused by (a) normal wear and tear; (b) an Act of God or transportation; (c) a product alteration made without Haworth’s express written authorization; (d) the natural variation of color, grain or texture found in wood and leather; (e) the natural aging found in materials such as wood, fabric and leather which results in colors shifting during use; (f) dye lot variations in fabric, leather or wall covering (g) the natural patina and “puddling” of leather during use or (e) reverse crocking of dyes from clothing onto our seating materials.

EXCEPT AS STATED ABOVE, HAWORTH DOES NOT MAKE A WARRANTY AS TO ANY PRODUCT AND, IN PARTICULAR, DOES NOT MAKE A WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Product repair or replacement or refund of the price, at Haworth’s option, in accordance with this Policy, is the purchaser’s or lessee’s exclusive remedy for a product defect. Haworth shall not have tort liability with respect to a product, and Haworth shall not be liable for any consequential, economic, indirect, special, punitive or incidental damages arising from a product defect. Haworth shall not be liable for repair or product placement due to improper installation or any defect in materials used for installation which are not manufactured, sold or supplied by Haworth.

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