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Healthy Back 3 Inch Footrest

The Healthy Back footrest is one of our most popular models, because it can adjust forward and back to find your favorite position for all day seating comfort. Our sleek, yet sturdy footrest has a tubular metal frame and a rubberized non-skid tread for durability. To get the most out of your office chair match it with our Healthy Back 3-inch footrest for optimal support and comfort throughout your work day!

Healthy Back 3 Inch Footrest

Work with More Support and Comfort

A footrest may seem unassuming at first, but the angled 3-inch Footrest by Healthy Back makes a world of a difference at your workstation by allowing you to sit all the way back in your chair and taking significant stress and strain off of your back. It also helps tip your pelvis slightly backward, pushing your back more firmly into the lumbar support of your chair and promoting a healthy posture. 

Improved Posture
The Healthy Back 3 Inch Footrest will create constant movement in your lower body and force your back towards the back of the seat to help you sit with proper posture. The constant motion will also prevent your lower body from falling asleep.

Movement Improves Circulation

The rocking motion of the Healthy Back 3 Inch Footrest will increase circulation to the lower body. The increased circulation can help eliminate problems such as blood clotting varicose veins that come with poor circulation to the lower body.

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