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Healthy Back Ergo-Forms Back Rest

A One of a Kind Adjustable Back Support for Use on a Bed

The Healthy Back Ergo-Form Back Rest is the only adjustable back support for use on a bed which includes both an adjustable lumbar support and an adjustable cervical pillow featuring a unique pillow top design. This support is made of an environmentally friendly "bio-foam", a mixture of memory foam and fiber, that offers the sleeper extraordinary comfort with the luxury of body heat regulation all summer long.

Healthy Back Ergo-Forms Back Rest

This back rest and pillow combination can be used in a number of different settings and for different purposes. Aligning the Ergo-Form Back Rest upright provides a stable, comfortable surface for reading or watching television. When reclined, the back rest can help reduce tension in the back and provide relief from acid reflux. Also, both the included cervical pillow and lumbar support are adjustable and removable allowing the user to achieve a one-of-a-kind fit for customized support.

By combining the Ergo-Form Back Rest with the Healthy Back Ergo-Form Leg Rest, your body can achieve the physician recommended zero-gravity position which is well documented to relieve pressure on the spine, improve blood circulation, ease tired muscles, and reduce mental stress.

More Information
  • Only adjustable back support that includes a lumbar support and cervical pillow
  • Plant based "Bio-foam" is environmentally friendly and provides benefits of memory foam
  • Temperature regulating material keeps cool during the summer
  • Back rest, pillow, and lumbar support are all fully adjustable
  • Combine with Ergo-Form Leg Rest to achieve physician recommended zero-gravity position
  • Included plush terry cloth cover is removable and washable
Dimensions 15 DEPTH X 20 WIDTH X 24 LONG
Warranty N/A
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