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Healthy Back Leg Spacer

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The Perfect Cushion for Side Sleepers Everywhere.

The Healthy Back Leg Spacer is a simple sleep aid that is designed for side sleepers who have back pain. By aligning the spine as you sleep, the Leg Spacer reduces the amount of pressure applied to the lower back, further reducing strain and stress on your back while you sleep. The Leg Spacer also reduces the occurrence of leg cramps and eliminates morning back pain for the side sleeper.

Healthy Back Leg Spacer
  • Relieves pressure on the hips, knees, ankles, and joints
  • Reduces stress on the lower back
  • Eliminates morning back pain
  • Relieves tension and improves circulation
  • Reduces leg cramps
  • Zippered terrycloth cover
  • Supportive polyurethane foam
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Dimensions 10 inches long x 6 inches thick/4 inches in middle
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