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Healthy Back Pristine Bliss Pure Latex Mattress

100% of 100
  • 12” Pure Talalay Latex
  • Very plush feel
  • Optimal balance of pressure relief, support, and durability
Healthy Back Pristine Bliss Pure Latex Mattress

The entire Bliss line is composed of Natural Talalay Latex, the finest and most durable latex material in the world, proudly produced in the United States. The Pristine is made of an unprecedented 100% of this premium latex. In all, the full 12 inches of this uniquely blended latex provides you with the most luxurious and plush mattress available, containing three specialized layers providing the optimal balance of pressure relief, support, and durability throughout the night.

One of the most important roles of a good mattress is to offer relief from pressure points, and the top layer of the Pristine is specially designed to do just that. Protecting pressure points eliminates discomfort and improves circulation, resulting in less tossing and turning and a longer, deeper sleep each night. The top layer of the mattress is also the most important to your muscular health. While we sleep, our bodies transport vital nutrients to repair and restore muscles and tissues, but agitated pressure points interrupt blood flow and oxygen delivery. The top layer of a Talalay Latex mattress is up to 33% more pressure relieving than a conventional poly-foam and fiber cushioning material, such as memory foam. As a result, the mattress provides relief to these pressure points and facilitates the restoration of body tissues. Beneath this top layer is the supportive layer, which is responsible for your body's spinal adjustment while you sleep. A support layer made with Talalay Latex rubber provides stronger and more consistent support to your spine while maintaining the bottomless, seamless feel of a top-quality mattress. The base of the mattress is comprised of a stabilization layer, also Talalay Latex, to further keep you in place while extending the lifetime of your bed. 

The true pinnacle of the Pristine Pure Latex mattress is its incorporation of cutting edge Celsion material, which is scientifically developed to either cool you a few degrees when your body temperature is above normal, or provide extra heat if you are feeling chilly. In addition, Natural Latex Rubber has an open cell structure that allows for ventilation throughout the night, making Talalay Latex mattresses perfect for experiencing fulfilling sleep no matter the temperature or draft around you. To learn more about Celsion material, click on the 'What is Celsion?' tab above.

Talalay Latex products have been tested and proven to be more resistant to wear and tear than their 100% synthetic latex counterparts. We use natural latex to create a product that is very resistant to body impressions, so it can be compressed over and over while continuing to provide showroom quality and feel.
After you spend a night on the Pristine mattress, you will appreciate the truly remarkable comfort of 100% Pure Latex and the health benefits of three strategically designed support layers. We believe the Healthy Back Bliss Pristine Pure Latex mattress is the world’s best bed, and we’re certain that you will agree.

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