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Massage Buddy

Massage Buddy is a self massage tool that enables you to relieve muscle knots in your back and tightness in hard to reach areas. Massage Buddy is designed to massage and relax the muscles on either side of the spine. Massaging balls are positioned to stimulate the acupressure points.

Massage Buddy
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Massage Buddy is a back massage tool. With Massage Buddy, muscle knots and tightness simply melt away. Massage Buddy can be used to apply as much or as little pressure on just the right area of your back. Simply place it between your back and the wall, and use the gravity to assist in applying just the right amount of pressure. You can vary the amount of massage pressure by adjusting the distance from your feet to the wall.

Massage Buddy is designed to relax the muscles on either side of the spine. Massaging orbs are positioned to stimulate the acupressure points along the spine.

Massage Buddy is made from a tough polymer. It has just the right firmness to enable application of substantial pressure for those stubborn deep muscle knots. It is made from a non-skid material. It doesn’t leave marks on the walls.

Massage Buddy has received excellent reviews from Chiropractors and Bodywork Professionals.

Made in the USA.


Length : 5.5 inch

Wide : 2 inch


1 year full refund of the purchase price for for manufacturer’s defect.

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