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McCarty's Sacro-Ease Deluxe

McCarty's Sacro-Ease Deluxe is one of the most effective posture-correcting backrests and seat supports available. It is rated among the best by those who use it daily—truck, bus, and taxi drivers—as well as by those who use it in their frequent travels by bus, airplane, car, and train. It helps to “rebuild” seats that are too soft or not supportive. And it is ideal for overcoming road and vehicle vibrations.

McCarty's Sacro-Ease Deluxe

The Sacro-Ease has an orthopedic design that lifts you from a slumped position and helps your spine maintain a healthy seated posture. It conforms to your back and has a firm seat bottom (the most important component) which anchors your hips to the seat’s backrest, preventing you from slumping down and forward. This holds the spine in a natural upright position, relieving lumbar pressure. Whether used in a vehicle or on any chair or sofa, it can greatly reduce or, most often, completely eliminate back pain commonly associated with extensive sitting. 

A quality posture product since 1940, the Sacro-Ease is recommended by medical professionals nationwide. It was originally designed by McCarty's company founder (who suffered severe lower back pain while driving) and a team of top orthopedic surgeons.

McCarty's Sacro-Ease Deluxe is made in the USA and has a limited 5-year warranty.

More Information
  • Available in: 19" - (BRC), 15" - (BRSCM) and 12" - (BRNC)
  • Comes with an extra 1" of padding and adjustable lumbar pad versus the standard Sacro-Ease.
  • Fits most all auto and truck bucket and bench-style seats.
  • Made with an adjustable (bendable) steel frame, rubber strap supports, and soft fabric
  • Foldable and easy to transport.
  • "Rebuilds" those seats that are simply too soft or unsupportive.
  • Has proven to be excellent for autos, airplanes, bus seats, chairs and sofas.
  • Durable non skid bottom.
Width Small Bucket Seats

Standard Size Bucket Seats

Bench Style Seats
Height 19"
Seat Length 14"
Warranty N/A
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