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McKenzie Cervical Roll

The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll, unlike most pillows, provides necessary support to the cervical structures and maintains a natural curve of the cervical spine while one sleeps on the side or back. If you suffer from frequent episodes of neck pain, pain in the shoulders, nighttime neck problems, morning pain, or stiffness in the neck, your sleeping position may be at fault.

McKenzie Cervical Roll
  • The McKenzie Cervical Roll will support the natural curvature of the spine and aid with proper spine alignment to help reduce pain caused by poor posture.
  • The McKenzie Cervical Roll can be used as a lumbar support to help improve your posture while seated. This will allow you to get rid of the annoying aches and pains that come with poor posture.
  • Placed between a pillow and the pillowcase, the cervical roll is designed to work with most conventional pillows.
  • Made of low density foam with a removable and washable cotton/polyester cover.
  • It is affordable and portable.
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20” L x 3.5” diameter


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