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Embrace Moonbeam Pillow

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The innovative Moonbeam pillow uniquely acts as two pillows in one! Our split pillow airflow technology provides support and comfort at the same time. Feel like you are floating on a cloud while simultaneously being aligned in a healthy ergonomic position. A heavenly experience that begins where health and comfort intersect.

Embrace Moonbeam Pillow

At Healthy Back, setting out to design the Moonbeam, our goal was to create the perfect pillow. We have sold every kind of pillow imaginable over the past 25 years, and all of them left something wanting – too firm, too soft, too fat, too thin, not flexible enough. While no pillow will fit every person, it seems to us that a truly great pillow should be flexible enough to satisfy most people. Enter Moonbeam.

 Over the past 25 years we have learned a couple of tried and true basics about pillows: 

  1. The pillow always feels firmer when you sleep on it at home than when you first try it in a store. Something that is soft for a few minute test will feel firmer over the course of a good eight hours of sleep.
  2. The cover matters. If a pillow cover is not soft and smooth your face will notice over the course of the night – even if you have a pillow case on top.
  3. Flexibility is key. We change – from day to day, night to night, week to week, month to month, year to year – our needs vary. Sometimes we want a thicker pillow and sometimes thinner.
  4. A pillow, like any product that you use against your skin, must breathe. If not, you will build up heat and become uncomfortable.

With those 4 principals in mind we set out to create Moonbeam. We started by taking a normal pillow and slicing it in half – creating a flexibility in shape that can only be matched by down. Then we aerated the foam to create airflow. Next, we experimented with foam density and rebounding properties until we had just the right mix of softness and support. Finally, we touched and tested countless covers until we arrived at one with just the right feel of silky smoothness and softness. And now, the result……

More Information

• Sensitive Cover REDUCES WRINKLES and improves skin tone and softness.

• Airflow technology PREVENTS HEAT BUILDUP, thereby reducing tossing and turning. Sleep comfortably all night long in your favorite position.

• HYPOALLERGENIC & DUST MITE RESISTANT – Allergy sufferers rejoice. Comfort without compromising feathers or filaments.

• EASY TO CARE FOR - MACHINE WASHABLE - 5 Year Warranty - Guaranteed to hold its shape and stay gentle and supportive.

• Size measurement of Pillow: Standard Pillow measures 20 in x 26 in.

• BACKED BY HEALTHY BACK ERGONOMIC PRODUCTS QUALITY GUARANTEE - We guarantee you'll love the pillow, and if you aren't absolutely satisfied, return it within 60 DAYS (THE LONGEST GUARANTY IN THE INDUSTRY) for a refund, no questions asked.

• DREAMS INCLUDED – Sleep deeper and happier with the Moonbeam than you have since you were a baby. We guarantee it!

Dimensions Standard Pillow measures 20 in x 26 in.
Warranty N/A
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