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Nightingale SXO Chair

SXO creates a remarkable first impression with its sleek, striking appearance. This unique seating solution continues to impress by keeping your comfort in mind with innovative features.

The simplicity of SXO’s design and function allows you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Its refreshingly modern look fits perfectly with any office, meeting, conference, or home office setting.

Creating the SXO that’s just right for you has never been easier. You can choose from a variety of textiles vibrant colors for your SXO’s seating surface. Consider a field installable headrest for added comfort and the perfect finishing touch.
Convenient Storage Pocket
SXO’s unique back pocket is an ideal storage space for your papers or items you need to access quickly and easily.

Adjustable Armrests
Generously appointed polyurethane arm pads are supported with easily accessible fingertip activated height adjustable arms for that perfect fit.

Comfort without End
The SXO’s energy absorbing Enersob seat form offers unsurpassed comfort. Covered with four-way stretch, dual-layer; perforated fabric, SXO provides exceptional airflow and endless comfort.

Intelligent Comfort
XCO’s Intelli-ride synchro mechanism features a 2:1 recline ratio, convenient Soft Touch side-tension adjustment, multi-position lock with positive back lock release, 3.5-degree forward tilt adjustment and pneumatic height adjustment.
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Color Black
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