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Teeter Portable P2 Back Stretcher

The Teeter P2 Back Stretcher is an FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device indicated for relief of back pain and related conditions. Lightweight and easy-to-use, the P2 is a simple, yet effective way to deliver user-controlled traction, decompressing the lower back to help relax tense muscles, reduce nerve pressure, and relieve the pain. Its versatile design can be used in 3 ways for varied intensity: seated, lying down with feet on the floor, or lying down with feet elevated. Simply push on the foam-covered Hand Grips to control the level of stretch and relief you need. Foam Roller Supports cover a large surface area behind the knees to provide gentle leverage during the stretch, while the Lap Pads can slide horizontally or rotate to any angle for a customized, comfortable fit over the thighs. The P2 cleverly accommodates those who are looking for an alternative to traditional inversion equipment or for those who love their Teeter Inversion Table, but need a portable travel solution.
More Information
  • Easy to Use Decompression Solution is an alternative to traditional inversion therapy and can be used three different ways depending on desired level of stretch or mobility - simply sit on a chair for a light lumbar stretch or lay flat on a surface with knees bent and feet on the floor or propped on a chair for a moderate to advanced stretch. With the Foam Rollers resting against the back of your knees, push firmly on the Hand Grips to deliver effective lumbar traction.
  • Comfortable Roller Supports cover a large surface area behind the knees to help provide leverage during the stretch without causing unpleasant pressure.
  • Already designed to fit most body types, the contoured, moveable Lap Pads have the ability to slide horizontally or rotate to any angle, the Lap Pads fit comfortably over the thighs in just the right position for every user.
  • Foam-Cover Hand Grips are soft, with a non-slip covering.
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Warranty Full 5-Year Warranty
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