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SleepSystem Memory Foam Mattress

The Healthy Back SleepSystem™ 10 sets a new standard of luxury, comfort and support. 10 inches of our proprietary memory foam create a plush feel that provides firm support and comfort.

  • 4" layer of comfort Zero-Pressure™ memory foam 
  • 6" layer of supportive base memory foam
  • Removable and washable velour cover made of Lyocell fabric with inner moisture-absorbing Tricot layer
  • A no flip, rotate, or turn mattress
Sleepsystem Memory Foam Mattress

The Healthy Back SleepSystem™ 10 sets a new standard of luxury, comfort, and support!

Do you enjoy the incredible comfort of inches upon inches of memory foam? Do you experience a better night's sleep on a firmer mattress? Do you and your spouse have different sleep preferences? No matter what type of support and feel you want from your mattress, the Healthy Back SleepSystem™ 10 will work for you!

The Healthy Back SleepSystem™ mattress was designed by back specialists specifically for back pain sufferers. The advanced Zero-Pressure™ foam to creates a plush and luxurious feel with double the support of other memory foam mattresses. It is the perfect combination of soft and firm. While the Zero-Pressure™ foam cushions your body to place you in a state of comfort and pressure-relief, the six-inch layer of supportive base memory foam will support your back and keep your spine aligned.

The Lyocell fabric cover contains a moisture-absorbing Tricot layer designed to help wick heat and moisture away from your body. This allows your body to regulate to a natural resting temperature.

The Healthy Back SleepSystem™ 10 is the perfect option for anyone who just can't decide between a soft or a firm mattress. Don’t settle for either…enjoy the best of both!

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