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Steelcase Gesture

Gesture is the first chair uniquely designed to support the changing ways people work and interact with technology. Our global study revealed the human body's tendency to assume nine positions throughout the day, inspiring a new approach to seating design. Whether toggling between multiple devices, texting or leaning back and taking it all in, Gesture is equipped to deliver ergonomic, eight-hour support.


Gesture™ is the first office chair designed to support a greater range of technologies, postures and user sizes.

Inspired by the human body, designed for the way we work today.

Greater Range of Technologies

The Gesture 360 arm moves like the human arm, while supporting users in any position. Most people use an average of three devices a day, and Gesture supports movement and healthy postures between devices
when interacting with technology.


Gesture allows healthy movement and postures like reclining without pulling users away from their work.


Gesture’s supportive design helps prevent tech neck—an increasing health issue in the workplace. Highly adjustable arms enable users to bring small mobile devices in close and up to eye level, avoiding awkward and unhealthy postures.

Greater Range of Postures

With 3D LiveBack, Gesture automatically adjusts to mimic natural spine movement, contouring to the user’s back in all postures. It is designed as a system of synchronized interfaces, supporting a greater range of postures through the back, the seat and the arms.

The placement of the arms toward the back of the chair and the soft seat edges allow for comfortable alternative postures.


Gesture conforms to a user’s back, preventing unhealthypostures that result from a lower back gap.

Greater Range of User Sizes

Gesture solves for the broadest range of user sizes with an extended tension range and arm width, and a wider-than-average seat featuring adaptive bolstering to fit a user’s unique size. Regardless of body type, Gesture promises personalized comfort in one simple solution, all in a smaller footprint.

Greater Range of Motion

Inspired by the natural movement of the head and neck, the Gesture headrest offers an unprecedented range of motion that provides not only superior comfort and support, but also choice and control over work postures. New sitting postures, brought on by the increased use of large monitors and mobile devices, call for an intentionally designed headrest. Thoughtfully integrated into the design of the chair, the Gesture headrest supports a greater range of sitting postures.


Built around factors like head size and shape, neck length and users’ desired range of motion, the Gesture headrest offers greater adaptability with a 5-inch range of height adjustment, 4 inches of forward and backward pivot movement, and 90° of rotation to fit 99% of the global population.

Greater Range of Applications

Designed to be used at height-adjustable tables, benching systems, owned work stations and in private offices, Gesture is built for a variety of seating needs. Inspired by the natural movement of the human body—and with the added versatility of the Gesture headrest—Gesture becomes the best seating solution wherever it’s used.

More Information


  • A new sitting experience designed with a back and seat that move as a synchronized system moving with each user to provide continuous and persistent support
  • Arms move like a human arm which allows users to be supported in any position
  • Seat has comfort all the way to the edge with a flexible perimeter to allow users to sit in a range of positions
  • Arms and shoulders remain supported regardless of device being used
  • Designed to be quickly adjustable and takes into account various body types and sitting preferences

Gesture product dimensions


12 years
Mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, arm caps, foam, casters and glides,
Max-Stacker®II, Max-Stacker® III, wood frame side chairs, tablet arms,
Node™ personal worksurface, Steelcase Health recliner components and
optional accessories other

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