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Steelcase Think Chair

Designed for wherever work happens.

Steelcase has learned a lot in the last 10 years and are excited to introduce the newly redesigned Think Chair. a chair intelligent enough to understand how you sit, and adjust itself intuitively. 

Steelcase Think Chair

SMART. The Integrated LiveBack™ System conforms to your body and moves with you as you change postures. It features an advanced weight-activated seat that recognizes your body’s weight and adjusts accordingly, so anybody can get comfortable quickly. It’s almost as if the chair can think.

SIMPLE. The intelligent design allows the user to further personalize their comfort through a few manual adjustments, but they don’t require a manual to explain. Think’s built in lumbar allows for additional dialed in back support that has a 4-inch adjustment range. The 4-way adjustable arms provide support for your arms, wrists, and shoulders in a variety of postures.

SUSTAINABLE. Think is an icon of sustainable design and the new Think pushes sustainability even further. We made strategic decisions around sustainability and estimate the impact in the US alone will significantly reduce our carbon emissions each year by approximately 2.5 million miles driven or 100 trips around the world. Think can still be disassembled in 5 minutes with common hand tools making it easy to recycle at end of life.

Ergonomic features of the Think chair include:

a. Integrated LiveBack System
Back Flexors track with the natural shape of your spine, and are linked together to provide integrate and prescribed movement.
b. Dual-energy Lumbar
An integral part of the Integrated LiveBack System, the dual-energy lumbar uses embedded spring energy to follow and support the natural motion of the spine.

c. Advanced Weight-activated Mechanism
Moves as fluidly as the human body does. It provides a recline resistance that is proportional to your own body weight, while keeping you oriented to your work.

d. Adjustable Arms
The Think chair's Adjustable Arms retract up to three inches upon contact with your worksurface, allowing you to get closer to your work. They also pivot and move up and down to provide natural support.
e. Adaptive Bolstering
Adaptive Bolstering in the seat cushion allows the seat to conform to your shape, providing dynamic support that can adapt to your body as you change postures.

f. Flexible Seat Edge
When you recline or lean forward, the seat edge flexes to relieve pressure on the back of the legs. 

g. Comfort Dial
Combines four comfort settings into one simple dial. Select your favorite setting: weight activated, weight activated with a 20% boost, mid-stop recline, and upright back lock.

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