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Via Seating Swopper Stool

Swopper (which means always moving chair) is designed to help strengthen your back and abs, help relieve lower back pain, promote mental acuity, and assist with good posture.

Via Seating Swopper Stool

We spend almost two-thirds of our waking hours sitting down, working, driving, eating, and relaxing. But the human body was not built for such a static, sedentary lifestyle, especially in fixed, motionless positions. That is why lower back pain and other musculoskeletal problems are at epidemic proportions. Eighty percent of people will seek medical help for back pain sometime in their lives.

Most chair companies design chairs for static support. They build in armrests, footrests headrests, neck rests, features that keep the body supported and motionless. They think that if they can move you less, then the better. Unfortunately, this path leads to more back problems, not less.

Promotes Good Posture
The “convex” seat allows the pelvis to tilt forward which sets up the spine for proper alignment and healthy posture.

Prevents Aging of the Spine
Moving while sitting lubricates and nourishes the spinal joints and intervertebral discs. This in turn keeps the joints flexible and healthy. Many age-related changes in spinal joints are as a result of a lack of proper nourishment and motion.

Stimulates Circulation
Swoppers multi-dimensional movement allows blood to flow freely from the lower extremities. This reduces the risk of swollen ankles and the development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Stimulates Lymphatic Flow

Regular pumping action in the lower extremity stimulates the return of lymphatic fluid. This helps alleviate ankle swelling and edema in the lower leg.

Promotes Energy
Bouncing, tilting, swaying and moving on Swopper improves energy levels, relieves fatigue, and can stimulate creativity.

Prevents Lower Back Pain and Shoulder and Neck Tension
Swopper conditions the core muscles of the spine and trunk, which aids in preventing low back pain. The easy bouncing motion can shake out any stress that typically builds up in the neck, shoulders and jaw.

Exercise All Day Without Discomfort
Leg muscles, abdominals, back muscles, and calf muscles work lightly throughout the day while sitting on Swopper. Increasing exercise, even slightly, every day can help maintain weight and elevate mood.

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