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Technogel Armonia Mattress

  • 1/2” thick Technogel layer with tower design that cradles your whole body
  • Support and comfort of all natural latex core
  • 38 lbs of body conforming Technogel on Queen (48 lbs on King)
  • Superior pressure relief
  • Ergonomic design
  • Enjoyable cool feeling thanks to thermal regulation of Technogel
  • Technogel made in Italy, mattress assembled in the USA
  • Designer look with zipper cover
  • Adjustable base compatible
Technogel Armonia Mattress

Technogel is a unique 'soft solid' material that combines the 3D deformation of a fluid and the shape memory of a solid. It is a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance (made without using oils or plasticizers). It was first developed for the medical field but is now used in a wide range of applications that benefit from its unique properties.

3D Deformation

Technogel deforms 3-dimensionally and reacts to forces differently than foam. Technogel molds itself to each individual user's physical structure, distributing pressure evenly over the entire contact surface. This generates a substantial reduction in pressure peaks, leading to improved circulation.

Thermal Regulation

Technogel is characterized by its high thermal conductivity compared to other insulators such as foam. It lowers the temperature of whatever surface touches it, including skin, dispersing the heat through the gel’s entire mass. A lower body temperature reduces metabolic activity, allowing your body to relax more deeply in sleep.


The ‘tower’ design of Technogel was developed to optimize both ventilation and the 3D deformability of the gel. This innovative design creates open air channels to the surface and delivers extraordinary air circulation as well as optimal moisture conduction. Thanks to its unique thermal properties, Technogel provides an enjoyable cool feeling.


We all know the importance of sleeping in mattress that is tailored to our bodies. The whole body, though particularly the spine, requires support that does not cause pain, tissue compression, or improper posture. In order to deepen the biomechanical and ergonomic properties of the Technogel mattress, it was tested at the "Ergonomic Institute of Munich" in Germany. The results were outstanding for group of persons (small, medium-sized, large).


Technogel is totally free from volatile agents, so its components cannot split free or migrate. It does not harden or age, but it keeps its elastic and mechanical properties. Tests have demonstrated that it is able to withstand more than 300,000 pressure cycles without performance-affecting deformation.

Sleep Tests and Research

A test conduced in Turin "Le Molinette" sleep center showed that during sleep on a Technogel mattress, more time (up to 45%) was spent in Slow Wave Sleep, the phase in which the brain really rests (non-REM phases 3 and 4), and less time (up to 33%) was spent in non-REM sleep stage 1 ("light" sleep). Additionally, skin and mattress temperature was lower and comfort levels were higher. Professors findings show that, in healthy volunteers, Technogel mattresses improve sleep.

More Information
Brand Technogel

Mattress Feel Firm
  • — 38 lbs of body conforming Technogel on Queen (48 lbs on King)
  • — Support and durable comfort of natural Sri Lankan latex core
  • — Technogel® made in Italy 
  • — Mattress assembled in the USA
  • — Soft, high-grade Matelasse zipper cover with anti-pill finishing
  • — Adjustable base compatible

10 year warranty + 10 years when registered (free) = 20 year warranty

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