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Teeter EP-950 Inversion Table

The back pain experts at Teeter Hang Ups have continually sought to push the boundaries of what inversion therapy can do, innovating and perfecting the inversion table so that it offers more effective and versatile health benefits. The crown jewel of these efforts is the EP-950 Inversion Table. Unlike competitor inversion tables, the EP-950 sports sleek aesthetics to ensure that it will not stick out like a sore thumb in your home.

Teeter EP-950 Inversion Table

Here are some of the exclusive features that help separate the EP-950 from your average inversion table:

Ergo-Embrace Ankle SystemTM:

Being inverted poses an immediate problem; with all your body weight is forced upon your ankles, discomfort and pain could get in the way of effective therapy. The EP-950’s Ergo-Embrace Ankle SystemTM is the answer, providing pressure-relief in the form of a specialty foam brace which distributes body weight comfortably throughout your foot and heel.

Ratchet Ankle Lock System:

Featuring an extended, easy-to-reach handle, the Ratchet Ankle Lock System guarantees your safety as you invert with a triple security lock.

EZ StretchTM Traction Handles:

Built in handles at hip height allow you to customize the level of pressure of your inversion therapy by pushing or pulling until you reach a desired level. This versatile feature enhances stretching capabilities and accelerates results. The handles also feature large added supports for comfort and to assist during inversion and ascent. 

Whether you have been practicing inversion therapy for years, or are just getting started, the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table is the easiest and most efficient way to experience the natural relief of back pain and improved joint health. In just minutes per day, the EP-950 will re-hydrate your spinal discs to expedite repair for better shock absorption, reduce nerve pressure, relax tense muscles, improve joint flexibility and range of motion, and realign your weight-bearing skeleton. 

All of the benefits, as well as recommended exercises and stretches, are detailed in a complimentary instructional video. When you want a natural, in-home solution for a healthier back, try the EP-950 Inversion Table.

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