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Teeter T3 Massager

One of the most versatile massagers on the market, the Teeter T3 Massager provides countless options for self-massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching and back scratching! Become your own personal masseuse with the ability to quickly transition between roller wheels for a gliding deep-tissue action or pressure point knobs to deliver steady, direct pressure to painful knots and trigger points. Just one-click detaches the stick roller - its durable aluminum core with soft foam outer layer is suited for tackling large muscles groups to perform myofascial release on stiff muscles. Use the strap attachment for Yoga-style stretching support and to add leverage during self-massage. 

Teeter T3 Massager
More Information
  • Achieve a pressure point massage with single and dual Pressure Point Knobs, which simulate circulating thumbs and work best for applying steady and direct pressure to trigger points.
  • Roller Wheels options include both smooth and textured to help massage large surface areas using either a gentle gliding sensation or a targeted deep-tissue effect.
  • Stick Roller allows you to perform myofascial release to common trigger point areas such as quads, calves, neck, shoulders, and back to help warm up muscles pre-workout or release muscles post-workout.
  • Strap Attachment: Multi-functional adjustable-length strap not only allows the user to add leverage during self-massage, but it can be used to assist with Yoga-style stretching techniques. Comes with a Hook-and-Loop storage tie.
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Assembled Weight:
1.6 lb
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Shipper Carton Weight:
2.1 lb

Full 5-Year Warranty

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