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TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Breeze Pillow

The targeted support of the TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow now comes with a layer of cooling gel to wick excess heat away while you sleep.

The TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side pillow was created specifically for side sleepers. Its unique contours provide support to your head, neck and shoulders even as you move from side to side. The proprietary TEMPUR material targets your head and neck to remove weight from sensitive pressure points that cause discomfort.

The edges of the pillow are firmer to provide support to your neck, and the center is softer where your head rests. A breakthrough design allows the pillow to offer both high and low sleep profiles.

Comes with a soft, breathable, 100% premium knit cover that is easy to remove and wash.

TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Breeze

Targeted Support and cooling. The unique ergonomic shape with first-ever dual-feel design plus cooling gel provides even more support as you move from side to side. The dual-feel design provides targeted support while it cradles your head in comfort.

Feel: firm support at edge and softer center

Use: Side sleep


  • TEMPUR-Breeze Gel Layer helps keep you comfortable during the night
  • Supportive TEMPUR material throughout targets your head and neck and the softer TEMPUR material inlay adds comfort where your head rests
  • Breakthrough design offers both low (4.125" in height) and high (4.75" in height) sleep profiles
  • Ergonomic curved shape for even support as you move from side to side
  • 100% premium knit cover that is soft and breathable
  • Removable and washable cover
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