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TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

For a better night’s sleep and a more therapeutic sleep posture for your neck and spine, the NeckPillow by Tempur-Pedic® is the recommended solution. The dual-lobe design supports the curve created by your head, neck, and shoulders to properly align your spine and give you a healthy night’s sleep. It is also temperature and weight sensitive, keeping you comfortably cool and giving just the right amount of support.

TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

Ergonomics are extremely important when it comes to choosing the proper pillow. A pillow that forces your head too high or allows it to fall too far back not only places stress on your neck and spine, but could also inhibit breathing and blood circulation. The medically proven NeckPillow by Tempur-Pedic promotes an anatomically correct posture, giving you a restful sleep, relieving uncomfortable pressure, and helping you wake without stiffness or achiness.

More Information
  • Ergonomic shape developed by doctors to promote proper alignment and support
  • Relieves shoulder, neck and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely
  • Contoured TEMPUR® material maintains shape for correct support
  • Choose the proper size based on your shoulder dimensions and sleeping position to promote an anatomically correct posture
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Dust mite and allergen-resistant
Size Dimensions
Small 20" x 12" x 3"
Medium 20" x 12" x 4"
Large 20" x 12" x 4.5"


Tempur Production USA, LLC ("Tempur-Pedic") guarantees that we will, at Tempur-Pedic's option, replace or repair purchaser's product if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty.

This warranty does not include a normal increase in softness of the TEMPUR pressure-relieving material which does not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the product.

This warranty covers:
- any physical flaw in the product that causes the material to split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling; and
- deterioration of the cell-structure of the material that causes the product to not return to its original shape.

During the three (3) years of this warranty, Tempur-Pedic will at its option, repair the product at a handling cost to purchaser, or replace the product.

If available, the cover for the product is warranted for two (2) years from the date of purchase against faults in material or workmanship. If Tempur-Pedic replaces the cover for the product, Tempur-Pedic will replace it with the current style of cover available, which may be a different cover or material than the original cover.

If the product or cover is physically abused, damaged, burned, cut or torn, this warranty is void.

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